FCHgo Vision

Empowering the young generation for the energy transition

Despite hydrogen being the most abundant element in the universe, the great potential of hydrogen energy and its significance for a sustainable future of our planet are rarely treated subjects in European classrooms. FCHgo seeks to bring about change by delivering a ready-to-teach toolkit, encouraging teachers to take up hydrogen in lessons and stimulating pupils’ interest and awareness for sustainable energy.

Based on narrative and playful elements the FCHgo school materials shall bridge the STEM knowledge gap and teach pupils from 8 to 18 years about the basic principles and applications of fuel cell and hydrogen technology. Overall, the FCHgo activities, from the delivery of teaching materials over their implementation in several European classrooms to the EU-wide FCHgo pupil competition, shall contribute to build up pupils’ STEM competences and prepare them for a fossil-free future.

FCHgo is dedicated to spread knowledge about fuel cells and hydrogen in schools and beyond. For a practice-oriented and holistic science education, fostering curiosity and excitement about renewable energy.