Spreading knowledge about hydrogen throughout Europe

A Europe-wide initiative to boost hydrogen education

FCHgo addresses schools, teachers and industry stakeholders interested to boost education about renewable energy throughout Europe. To facilitate the uptake of hydrogen in European schools, FCHgo will provide its toolkit and corresponding teachers’ guidelines in 10 languages: Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish. Materials will be available for free download on a dedicated platform of the FCHgo website. In line with the project’s cooperative approach, the platform will allow users for interactive engagement with the FCHgo team, e.g. for asking questions about the materials or providing feedback.

By spreading knowledge about the tremendous potential of hydrogen as renewable and sustainable energy resource, FCHgo will contribute to the EU’s goals for combatting climate change and the FCH JU ambition to demonstrate by 2020 fuel cell and hydrogen technologies as one of the pillars of future European energy and transport systems.

Teachers first

Successful education always begins with teaching the teacher. FCHgo will thus deliver illustrative factsheets about hydrogen for teachers not or only marginally familiar with the subject. Comprehensive guidelines and instructions for each FCHgo material will ensure teachers are prepared for using the toolkit in class. In FCHgo partners’ countries Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland teachers furthermore will be offered guided trainings and the delivery of three lessons by the FCHgo team.

Forming tomorrow’s engineers and scientists  

At the centre of the FCHgo activities are pupils, tomorrow’s engineers and scientists that will shape Europe’s future in economic and ecological terms. FCHgo seeks to prepare them for the challenges ahead by delivering not only knowledge about renewable energies, but support the formation of key skills and competencies needed for a successful career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. A unique opportunity for pupils to test their skills will be the Europe-wide FCHgo competition, awarding the most innovative H2 projects that demonstrate pupils’ capacity to transfer knowledge and become inventors of their own.