FCHgo at Home

In the context of the current closure of schools in many countries around the world at this time of health emergency due to the COVID-19, the “FCHgo at Home” initiative intends to extend the participation in the FCHgo project also to those who are staying at home with their families, to those who are engaged in distance learning or those who are curious to learn about hydrogen.
FCHgo proposes fun activities for everyone to explore the ‘energy of hydrogen’ at home. For teenagers even participation to the FCHgo Award from home is possible.

“FCHgo at Home” is addressed in particular to:

  1. all schools that are engaged in distance education with students aged 8 to 18 years;
  2. students of legal age;
  3. minor children (from the age of 8) which are supported by at least one adult family member.

Possible ways of participation are:


Spread the word and contribute to the visibility of the potential of this renewable clean energy among members of your community and network!

  • Choose one of the activities proposed on www.fchgo.eu/activities/at-home-materials and perform it. The activities are part of the FCHgo Toolkit, a training tool for learning about energy and the possible applications of fuel cells and hydrogen. The materials follow a storytelling approach, translating scientific principles into simple pictures and explanations which are easy-to-understand, even for non-experts. Many of the suggested activities are accompanied by additional simple in-depth guides and can be done autonomously
  • Take a photo/video as evidence
  • With your account/profile (or parent’s) follow the FCHgo social media (Facebook /Instagram)
  • Publish your photo/video on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, using stories) and tag the FCHgo social media:
    Facebook: @FCHgoproject
    Instagram: @fch_go
  • Remember to include the hashtag #FCHgoHomeLab in your post


Share your experience, ideas with project community!

  • Follow our social media channels (see above) and prepare yourself for the FCHgo follower challenge: FCHgo will propose on Facebook and Instagram an experiment from the FCHgo toolkit to be conducted in a certain timeframe
  • Perform the activity and record your comments. Post photos/videos as evidence like in activity 1
  • Join in a FB or Instagram LIVE event organized by FCHgo. An experienced moderator from UNIMORE or another project partner will discuss and comment on the experiments published in the framework of the follower challenge and will answer questions of the participants


Join us and imagine a future with hydrogen!

  • Are you full of ideas and creativity? FCHgo calls everyone to participate in the international contest “World of the future: the best FCH application” to imagine future ‘everyday life’ applications of fuel cell and hydrogen technology.
  • If you want to participate, the first thing to do is to create a team. Participation in the call is also extended to those who are staying at home. Ask other friends to join in (from remote)!
    • If you are a student over 18, you can confirm your participation yourself
    • If you are a kid under the age of 18 years, you need to get your parents’ signatures
    • If you’re a teacher get your students involved and send us a description of the team! Please take note that contributions submitted to the award should be the result of the children’s own work and original ideas
  • Download the call and modules on the FCHgo award page https://fchgo.eu/fchgo-award/ and send them together with your work.

DEADLINE:  31st of March 2021

So LET’S GO AHEAD! Let’s use the time to imagine a future with hydrogen!

The award is now closed for submissions.

The juries are choosing the winning teams until end of May 2021.


Tagging FCHgo project social media in your social media content using the hashtag #FCHgoHomeLab, you are authorizing us to reuse the photos and videos you publish under this conditions, you allow us to use them for the circulation and publication of images and material, both audio and video, deriving from them, free of charge and within the time limits declared by existing laws of the country in which they were produced and within: internet and social linked sites, media and other thematic linked sites indicated in the project website https://fchgo.eu/; printed paper, public exhibitions, scientific and/or non-profit popular publications, training activities for teaching and non-teaching staff; sending to the media.