Pilot lessons at European primary and secondary schools

More than 1500 pupils explored the energy of hydrogen

From September 2019 to February 2020, FCHgo implemented and tested the FCHgo toolkit in 75 classrooms in project partner countries Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland.

About 1.500 pupils participated in the FCHgo pilot lessons and learned about (hydrogen) energy with the toolkit’s games, experiments, worksheets and PowerPoint presentations.

The materials developed being suitable for primary and secondary schools alike, different age groups were addressed through the FCHgo classroom activities. Italian, Swiss and German partners used the toolkit to introduce pupils from age 8 to 12 to the world of energy and hydrogen, whereas Polish and Danish partners worked with older pupils from age 13 on. Overall, 17 primary schools and 19 secondary schools hosted the FCHgo team.

To get an insight into how primary pupils discovered the ‘energy of hydrogen’, read this story about the FCHgo kidslab in Winterthur.

Teachers received training on how to work with the FCHgo toolkit

Prior to the classroom activities, teachers received a training by FCHgo partners. In each country of the FCHgo partnership, at least one training workshop took place. In total, 82 teachers participated and not only got to know the teacher guidelines and the toolkit materials for FCHgo lessons, but also learned about the project’s educational concept. Moreover, the feedback they provided from their classroom experiences helped FCHgo to review the materials.

To find out how the training workshops went, you can read a short report about them here.