Classroom sessions

Pilot activities in European classrooms

Beginning from September 2019, FCHgo will implement and test the FCHgo toolkit in selected classrooms in project partner countries Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland.
The materials developed being suitable for primary and secondary schools alike, different age groups will be addressed through the FCHgo pilot classroom activities. Italian, Swiss and German partners will use the toolkit to teach pupils from age 8 to 12, whereas Polish and Danish partners will work with older pupils from age 13 on.

Schools/teachers involved are offered:

  • One to two introduction and training sessions for teachers on how to deliver inspiring energy education with the help of the FCHgo toolkit
  • Three lessons given by the FCHgo team in participating classrooms/schools
  • Support for the implementation of another three lessons

Teachers or schools interested to participate in the FCHgo pilot classroom activities will find more information here.

Industry stakeholders are also invited to support the implementation of classroom activities, e.g. through introducing pupils to their field of work. More information about the opportunities to engage here.