2. July 2021

The FCHgo project, funded by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (@FCH_JU) under the #Horizon2020 programme, which aims at empowering young people to be protagonists of the ecological transition, educating them in particular in the knowledge of #FCH (Fuel Cells #Hydrogen) technologies, officially ends today! Unimore - Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia has been carried out FCHgo since 2019 together with the other project partners InEuropa... Read More

16. June 2021

  On the 15th of June 2021, the winning teams of the first international FCHgo Award were announced:   Age 8-11           Hydrogen New City project | Primary School La Carovana Modena (Italy) Age 12-14        The future of hydrogen and helium fuel cell - the Earth's future | Szkoła Podstawowa nr. 13 (Poland) Age 15-18        FCH 101 | Ankara Atatürk Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey)   The FCHgo... Read More

29. May 2021

The project application phase for the FCHgo Award competition, the national selections, and National Award Events of candidate projects from the 3 participant countries in the contest (Italy, Poland, and Turkey) are closed now. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, we are happy to have received several applications from schools. We would like to congratulate all participants on active and enthusiastic participation in the international competition... Read More

26. May 2021

We are pleased to inform you that the project application phase for the FCHgo Award competition has closed and that the international selection of candidate projects is currently in progress. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, we are happy to have received several applications from schools in Italy, Poland and Turkey. The nominated projects first went through a national selection process, from which 8 projects emerged as winners: 3 for Turkey, 1... Read More

29. July 2020

FCHgo Live Stream at the End of May
Offering online alternatives in times of social distancing We want to bring hydrogen education to schools. But with schools closed due to the pandemic, we had to adapt: we made hydrogen education available from home. At the end of May, the FCHgo Consortium launched a live event via YouTube. Federico Corni from the University of Bolzano, Tiziana Altiero from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and Barbara Grazzini from InEuropa srl presented the project,... Read More

19. May 2020

FCHgo goes beyond classroom walls. With our new initiative FCHgo at Home we want to show that the energy of hydrogen can be discovered everywhere. Most of the educational materials of the FCHgo toolkit can be easily done at home. We have put together a selection here on our website. And although we miss the time spent together in European classrooms before the corona breakout, the FCHgo! community is still alive. Join us on social media for some new and exciting... Read More

5. May 2020

In Germany almost 100 children aged between 6 and 12 years experienced the FCHgo pilot lessons about energy and fuel cells. The classroom sessions were led by the German association for sustainable development agado and besides activities from the FCHgo toolkit they also proposed additional games and exercises drawn from the FCHgo playful approach to teaching. Let’s have a closer look into the classrooms, where FCHgo lessons were held. With help of Sandrina... Read More

17. April 2020

This story about the FCHgo pilot classroom activities comes from Italy. Paola Morelli tells us her experience with the FCHgo educational path. Hello, I am Paola Morelli and I have been the expert for the FCHgo project in different primary and secondary schools in 2019-2020 in the province of Modena, Italy. This is the story of the educational path that I have ran together with the teachers Chiara Facchetti and Donatella di Giuseppe in a 8th grade of the lower... Read More

7. April 2020

This article about the FCHgo pilot classroom activities brings us to Poland. Janek, primary school pupil in Ośniszczewko, tells us what he learned about the "Volta battery" during one of the FCHgo lessons held at his school. Report by Janek Rakszawski, 1st class, Ośniszczewko, Pomerania-Kujawy, Poland (with help of Ms Kasia) I  live  in a small village (Ośniszczewko), just in the middle of Poland. With our teacher, Ms Kasia, we started to discover the... Read More

6. April 2020

Children experiment with a hydrogen fuel cell at the FCHgo kidslab of ZHAW in Winterthur
The FCHgo repository of educational materials on hydrogen and fuel cells is growing! The newest addition to the toolkit materials is a video presentation by DTU explaining how fuel cells work. Taking the example of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, the presentation shows the difference between combustion of hydrogen and the reaction of hydrogen and air inside a fuel cell, which generates electricity. The video is available in English and Danish and suitable for children... Read More