30. March 2020

Italian teacher Irene D'Agostino from primary school Don Bosco in Bozen-Bolzano shares in this article how the FCHgo lessons went in her class. Find out from her personal report on the lessons, what activities the pupils were particularly excited about and why confetti played a significant role. My name is Irene D’Agostino and I have been teaching at primary school Don Bosco since 2007.  Primary school Don Bosco belongs to Istituto Comprensivo Bolzano 2. In... Read More

18. February 2020

The contest “World of the future: the best FCH application” aims at raising awareness and interest in fuel cells and hydrogen technologies (FCH) among teachers, schoolchildren and their families. How could future applications of fuel cells and hydrogen look like? That is the challenge of the contest, which encourages pupils to explore the potential of FCH applications and their significant contribution to European energy targets. The school contest launched... Read More

11. February 2020

Are you curious to find out who inspired the FCHgo award ‘World of the future: the best FCH application’ and coordinates the competition? We are pleased to introduce to you Barbara Grazzini from the FCHgo partner InEuropa team, which is in charge of the FCHgo award. In this interview Barbara tells more about the idea behind the award, her recommendations for pupils that would like to participate and what she hopes participants will take away from the FCHgo... Read More

11. February 2020

How can pupils in elementary school grasp the concept of energy? What are means to engage them and how to use scientific terms? These were some of the questions raised and discussed at the national training workshops for teachers using the FCHgo toolkit. The main objective of the training sessions was to introduce teachers to the materials of the toolkit and to the corresponding lesson plans. The individual materials are part of a comprehensive educational path... Read More

30. January 2020

The new year 2020 started already with a lot of energy in Switzerland. On January 8th, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur opened the doors of the FCHgo kidslab to 22 curious 4th graders of local primary school Altstadt. In this photo story, you can follow the pupils and see what they learned about energy generation in the lab. The children arrived early morning with their teacher Erwin Huonder at the FCHgo kidslab. They had just learned... Read More

16. October 2019

On Friday 11th of October, FCHgo partner InEuropa presented the international project “FCHgo! Discover the energy of hydrogen” at Fiera Didacta Italia, in Florence (Italy), one of the most important education trade fairs, qualifying as a contact point between school and companies. Fiera Didacta Italia, which in 3 days received more than 25.000 attendances, brought together teachers, trainers, students, associations, institutions and representatives of... Read More

25. September 2019

Our partner InEuropa will attend Didacta 2019 (http://fieradidacta.indire.it/) on 11th of October, in Fortezza da Basso (Firenze). At the fair they will present the project to a broad audience of teachers, educatos and didactic scientists. Follow the poster at the fair and ask InEuropa about FCHgo!

7. August 2019

Alessandra Landini joined the FCHgo coordination team at the Department of Education and Humanities, of UNIMORE in May this year. Her long-standing experience in teaching and researching narrative approaches in education, will add greatly to the implementation of the project. To give an insight into why she joined the project, her current work in FCHgo and her research on the power of narrative in teaching she accepted to answer a couple of questions. FCHgo:... Read More

6. August 2019

Polish teacher Mrs. Katarzyna Wyborska talks about her involvement in FCHgo and the project pilot phase in her school. With the development of FCHgo teaching materials being almost finalized, the next phase of the project is about to start. After the summer break each of the national FCHgo partners is going to test the toolkit in selected classrooms of their country. To provide a more detailed picture of how the FCHgo pilot classroom activities will be... Read More

5. August 2019

The FCHgo toolkit is not only the work of a closed circle of experts. Each FCHgo partner consulted a range of stakeholders from schools, academia, extra-curricular education and hydrogen industry to provide their expert feedback on the FCHgo ideas. Project partners held national co-creation workshops to brainstorm together with stakeholders new educational pathways for teaching children about the way energy works and what role hydrogen and fuel cells play for a... Read More