Open your classroom(s) for FCHgo

Are you a teacher or school principle interested to bring energy to your classrooms with the help of FCHgo?

FCHgo invites school education stakeholders ready to forge new paths in energy education to participate in the project’s classroom activities.

Partner in the pilot implementation of the FCHgo toolkit

In FCHgo partner countries Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland teachers respectively schools are invited to take part in the pilot implementation of the FCHgo toolkit and receive free-of-charge support for the delivery of inspiring lessons around energy, hydrogen and fuel cells. The FCHgo offer comprises a teacher training about renewable energy and how to explore the topic together with pupils, using the FCHgo toolkitgoc as well as the conduction of three lessons by FCHgo national teams..

Who can participate?
In Germany, Italy and Switzerland FCHgo partners will concentrate on implementing the FCHgo toolkit with pupils from age 8 to 12. Therefore, first and foremost classrooms covering this age range are invited to participate. In Denmark and Poland partners will cover secondary school education (pupils from age 13 to 18). These national foci, however, do not mean schools or teachers catering to pupils of other age ranges, cannot apply for participation. Just get in touch with the FCHgo team for more information.

How to participate
If you are interested to participate in the FCHgo pilot toolkit implementation, please send us a short message, indicating the school and classroom(s) you would like to involve in FCHgo via the contact form and we will provide you with more information about the programme.

The FCHgo toolkit implementation phase will start in September 2019.

Prepare your pupils for the FCHgo award challenge

The FCHgo award is a unique opportunity for teachers from all over Europe to inspire their pupils to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a hands-on and interactive way. Under the headline ‘World of the future: the best FCH application’ the FCHgo award challenges pupils to develop their own hydrogen project, together with their teachers and with the advice of industry stakeholders.

Teachers are called to promote the FCHgo award, which will be launched officially in spring 2020, and help interested pupils to participate in the contest, from putting together a team, developing first ideas and designing prototypes, to implementing, documenting and submitting their project. Guidelines and instructions for FCHgo award participation will be soon published.

By engaging in one of the mentioned ways with FCHgo you can become an official associated stakeholder of the European Union/FCH JU financed project.