FCHgo! Talks

FCHgo! partner InEuropa spoke with stakeholders and experts in the hydrogen community. If you want to know more about  hydrogen its current uses and future potential, check out the interviews.

Links to FCH JU and other European Hydrogen and Education Projects

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) – www.fch.europa.eu

HySchools – www.hyschools.eu

NET-Tools – www.h2fc-net.eu

KnoWhy – https://knowhy.eu/

TeacHy – www.teachy.eu

FCH2EDU – https://fch2edu.eu/

FCHgo! Project brochure

FCHgo! Discover the energy of hydrogen

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Press Releases



FCHgo! Press Release I – 04/2019

FCHgo! Discover the energy of hydrogen
The EU project FCHgo brings energy to European classrooms by supporting hydrogen and fuel cells education in schools

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FCHgo! Press Release II – 02/2020

FCHgo! launches international school contest on fuel cells and hydrogen
World of the future: the best FCH application

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FCHgo! Press Release III – 02/2020

EU project FCHgo presents new toolkit for conveying the relevance of hydrogen and fuel cells to pupils

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FCHgo! Pressemitteilung I – 04/2019

FCHgo! Entdecke die Energie des Wasserstoffs
Das EU Projekt FCHgo bringt Energie in europäische Klassenzimmer und unterstützt die Vermittlung von Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzelle an Schulen

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FCHgo! Pressemitteilung II – 02/2020

FCHgo! startet internationalen Schulwettbewerb zu Brennstoffzellen und Wasserstoff

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FCHgo! Pressemitteilung III – 02/2020

Das EU-Projekt FCHgo präsentiert neue Lehrmaterialien für die spielerische Vermittlung von Energie, Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzelle an Schulen

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FCHgo! Informacja Prasowa III – 02/2020

Unijny projekt FCHgo oferuje nowy zestaw narzędzi do nauczania w szkołach o znaczeniu wodoru i ogniw paliwowych

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FCHgo! Pressemeddelelse III – 02/2020

EU-projekt FCHgo præsenterer nyt værktøjssæt til at formidle brint og brændselsceller til elever

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