24. April 2019

Schools sought for FCHgo toolkit trial

Schools in FCHgo partner countries Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland are invited to test and explore the FCHgo toolkit in a series of pilot lessons, starting September 2019 Fostering curiosity and research spirit: The FCHgo toolkit Can energy be „renewed“? How can energy be transmitted? Why does hydrogen function as an energy carrier? And what is happening inside of a fuel cell car? The FCHgo toolkit features games, stories, animations and... Read More

23. April 2019

Get ready for the FCHgo international contest

discover the energy of hydrogen
Ready, steady, FCHgo! Are you ready to explore the world of renewable energies? Participate in the FCHgo contest and find out about Hydrogen and Fuel Cells! Don’t miss this chance! The International Award “FCHgo! DISCOVER THE ENERGY OF HYDROGEN” will start in January 2020 in the framework of the European project FCHgo – Fuel Cells HydroGen educatiOnal model for schools. Topic? Hydrogen Fuel Cells and sustainable energy Who can apply? School... Read More

1. April 2019

FCHgo Toolkit in progress: Co-creation workshops for practice-aligned tools

On 28th of March FCHgo hosted an international stakeholder meeting in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Associated partners from the fuel cells and hydrogen industries and teachers from partner schools participated in the meeting to discuss the content of the FCHgo toolkit. The goal of the FCHgo toolkit is to introduce hydrogen energy in school lessons by providing ready-to-teach materials about the subject. FCHgo seeks to develop the following materials: A set of... Read More