16. October 2019

FCHgo lands on Fiera Didacta Italia!

On Friday 11th of October, FCHgo partner InEuropa presented the international project “FCHgo! Discover the energy of hydrogen” at Fiera Didacta Italia, in Florence (Italy), one of the most important education trade fairs, qualifying as a contact point between school and companies.

Fiera Didacta Italia, which in 3 days received more than 25.000 attendances, brought together teachers, trainers, students, associations, institutions and representatives of innovation companies to assist to more than 200 seminars, workshops and international conferences dedicated to innovation and teaching.

InEuropa held a seminar, presenting the main features of the FCHgo! project, announcing the close launch of the project’s international award and explaining the way schools can participate, to an audience of teachers and researchers. The International Award 2020 is an opportunity to enhance ecological awareness and stimulate pupils towards a clean energy world, focusing on the importance for them to discover new technologies that will become central in the next future.

Teachers actively participated during the presentation and engaged in a debate on sustainability, environmental impact of fossil fuels and the importance of discovering new ways to produce energy, focusing on the role of hydrogen.

They were invited to visit the project website which will allow downloading the FCHgo educational materials and encouraged to be ready for the official launch of the International award.

Expectations are high and it will be important to follow up with teachers to support them in participating in the international award touching a subject (fuel cells hydrogen) that they don’t usually treat in their classes.