FCHgo Toolkit

The FCHgo toolkit: Facilitating understanding for the way energy works through stories, play and image

Energy in general and renewables especially are a fascinating subject. Also young kids in primary school can comprehend the power of energy, if explained with simple metaphors and images. And easily-bored youngsters get excited over chemical and physical processes, if the connection to real-life applications, e.g. in hydrogen storage or fuel cell electrive vehicles is made. ‘Discover the energy of hydrogen’ – that is the claim and scope of the toolkit developed by FCHgo.

The FCHgo toolkit aims at translating simple energy principles for primary schools and the opportunities of hydrogen and fuel cell technology for secondary schools into ready-to-teach materials, plays and tools for inspiring lessons.

At the centre of the FCHgo toolkit will be the following materials:

For kids 8-13:

  • A set of playing cards, allowing to apply the domino principle to energy processes
  • “Energy” roleplays, letting kids explore energy chains through play
  • A storybook conveying the nature of energy through narrative and pictures
  • An animation illustrating the generation and transfer of energy, using imaginative metaphors
  • Guidelines for simple experiments

For youngsters 14-18:

  • Factsheets about hydrogen and fuel cells &
  • Their use and application in industry
  • Experimental kits for hands-on experience
  • Process diagrams for translating and illustrating energy chains

The materials are currently developed by FCHgo Swiss and Italian partners. The individual tools are going to be implemented in the FCHgo pilot classroom activities, before the finalized toolkit, taking into account experiences made at schools, will be ready for download on this website.