Provide FCHgo with your expertise

Are you a stakeholder of the hydrogen and fuel cells industry?

At school the fundaments for later careers are laid. All the more important it is to show pupils how knowledge taught at school is applied in different industry fields and help them to develop crucial skills needed. FCHgo is thus looking for stakeholders of the hydrogen and fuel cells industries and related sectors ready to provide their expertise and get involved throughout the project.


Ways in which you as an industry stakeholders can become a part of FCHgo:
  • Promote the FCHgo project among your network
  • Support enhancing the FCHgo toolkit, e.g. by providing existing materials around hydrogen and fuel cells
  • Mentor pupils’ team competing in the FCHgo award
  • Sponsor the organisation of the FCHgo award, e.g. by providing prizes to the winning teams
  • Tell us how you would like to contribute to FCHgo via the contact form

By engaging in one of the above-mentioned ways with FCHgo you become an officially associated stakeholder of the European Union/FCH JU financed project.