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The first edition of the FCHgo award is over, but we are already starting to prepare the second edition. We recieved many great ideas and are curious for your submissions in the next competition!

FCHgo award

What is the international FCHgo Award?

How will the future with hydrogen and fuel cells look like? The international FCHgo Award challenges pupils to imagine innovative applications of FCH technology that will transform our daily-lives in the future. The theme of the contest is ‘World of the future: the best FCH application’. Teams of pupils are invited to submit a project – a movie, photo story, collage, model – or any other creative product that follows this theme.

There are no creative boundaries, what matters is that the project focuses on future application(s) of FCH technology and is the result of teamwork. Teachers, parents and industry stakeholders are encouraged to support pupils’ applications.

The FCHgo International Award  is organized in the framework of the European project FCHgo – Fuel Cells HydroGen educatiOnal model for schools funded under Horizon 2020’s FCH Joint Undertaking. It focuses on fuel cells and hydrogen as central elements for a sustainable energy future.

Who can apply?

School teams/classes from primary, lower secondary and secondary schools in Europe and abroad. Pupils from all over the world can compete!

There are currently two ways to participate in the contest: through your school (or other educational initiative) and from home with the FCHgo at Home mode, introduced following the Covid-19 health emergency.

  1. In the first mode, students aged 8 to 18 from schools, initiatives and associations with educational purposes from any country in the world are invited to participate. Private and public schools can also participate. In this case, students can participate in teams (minimum 4 members) or with the whole class.
  2. After the health emergency, FCHgo has extended participation to those at home. With the FCHgo at Home mode, the competition will be open to
    –  schools that are doing distance learning with children aged 8 to 18
    –  students aged 18 and over
    –  underage students (aged 8 and over) with at least one adult family member.

The minimum number of members per team is 2 pupils – it is just more fun and two brains are smarter than a single one!

How to apply?

You can download the project call and application templates from the toolbar below.

All applications will be managed through the FCHgo project website.

The application is closed. You can still download the FCHgo Award Call texts and application forms below.

FCHgo Award Application Forms

How it works

Participating pupil temas will compete against each other within their school/age category (primary, lower secondary and secondary): They will have to imagine an application based on or related to the use of hydrogen in everyday life. The project submitted should also have didactical value both for teachers as a teching aid an – or for students as a learning material.

Evaluation criteria will be mainly:

  • level of innovation an creativity
  • educational value and transferability of the project
  • in depth analysis and scientific approach

National and international juries with representatives of partners and external experts will be selected to lead the contest. InEuropa will coordinate the international jury and each partner will coordinate the national ones.

The selection process will be divided into 3 steps:

  1. National level (evaluation level 1): in each project country (Italy, Germany Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, Turkey) selection of 9 finalist teams, 3 per school category (8-11; 12-14; 15-18). As for the works that may come from teams from countries other than those of the partnership, it will be the international jury coordinated by InEuropa to evaluate and select remotely only teams for each age group so that they can take part in the international contest
  2. National level (evaluation level 2): selection of 3 national winner teams, one per school category in each project country
  3. International level (evaluation level 3): definition of 3 winner teams, one for each school category, which will be awarded in the final award ceremony

Awards and prizes

The winners at national level in the project countries may have the chance to be awarded prices an participate to national award ceremonies to be organized by partner organizations in May 2021. The winners at international level will be represented at the final award ceremony within the FCH Joint Undertaking programme review and stakeholder forum, which will be held in Brussels in June 2021.


The international Award was open for submissions from February 2020 until March 2021.

The national award winners will be announced May 2021 and the international awards will be presented in June 2021 in Brussels.


Do you wonder how to organize a project for the FCHgo award with your class? Or do you have any other question regarding the implementation of the FCHgo contest? Check the FAQ below. We hope you can find an answer to your questions there.

Contact & Support

Are you interested in the award?  Let us know you are participating and get in touch with the FCHgo award organizers through the form below.

You have still questions concerning the award? Or you would like to receive support from the project partners or from an FCH industry stakeholder for preparing an application? Use the form below to let us know what you need or write to

The contest is coordinated by FCHgo project partner InEuropa srl and Lead Partner UNIMORE in cooperation with all FCHgo partners.