1. April 2019

FCHgo Toolkit in progress: Co-creation workshops for practice-aligned tools

On 28th of March FCHgo hosted an international stakeholder meeting in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Associated partners from the fuel cells and hydrogen industries and teachers from partner schools participated in the meeting to discuss the content of the FCHgo toolkit. The goal of the FCHgo toolkit is to introduce hydrogen energy in school lessons by providing ready-to-teach materials about the subject.

FCHgo seeks to develop the following materials:

  • A set of playing cards, allowing kids to apply the domino principle to energy processes
  • “energy” roleplays, letting kids explore energy chains through play
  • Simple stories conveying the nature of energy through metaphors and pictures
  • An animation illustrating the generation and transfer of energy
  • Experimental kits

The different materials were already discussed at national co-creation workshops organized by the FCHgo partners. In total, the partners hold five national co-creation workshops throughout March 2019 in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland. Teachers and stakeholders from didactic sciences, education initiatives and fuel cell industry were invited to review the FCHgo concept and provide their feedback and suggestions for enhancement. A major goal of the sessions was to practice-proof the toolkit through teachers’ critical view. Furthermore, the workshops helped the partners to align materials with national curricula and to receive the valuable input of industry stakeholders for the accurate and true-to-life presentation of hydrogen energy.To wrap-up and analyze national results, the FCHgo partners met at an international stakeholder meeting in Italy. The discussions held at the meeting clarified the next steps to be done and prepared the way for finalizing the FCHgo materials.