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FCHgo Live Stream at the End of May

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Offering online alternatives in times of social distancing We want to bring hydrogen education to schools. But with schools closed due to the pandemic, we had to adapt: we... Read More

FCHgo at Home: New activities for discovering hydrogen from the...

FCHgo goes beyond classroom walls. With our new initiative FCHgo at Home we want to show that the energy of hydrogen can be discovered everywhere. Most of the educational... Read More

FCHgo lessons in German schools: Pupils are fascinated by fuel cell...

In Germany almost 100 children aged between 6 and 12 years experienced the FCHgo pilot lessons about energy and fuel cells. The classroom sessions were led by the German... Read More

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This story about the FCHgo pilot classroom activities comes from Italy. Paola Morelli tells us her experience with the FCHgo educational path. Hello, I am Paola Morelli and I... Read More

Small batteries – big fun: a FCHgo lesson in Poland

This article about the FCHgo pilot classroom activities brings us to Poland. Janek, primary school pupil in Ośniszczewko, tells us what he learned about the "Volta battery"... Read More

Children experiment with a hydrogen fuel cell at the FCHgo kidslab of ZHAW in Winterthur

New video about the functioning of a fuel cell

The FCHgo repository of educational materials on hydrogen and fuel cells is growing! The newest addition to the toolkit materials is a video presentation by DTU explaining how... Read More

How primary pupils get to understand the functioning of a hydrogen car

Italian teacher Irene D'Agostino from primary school Don Bosco in Bozen-Bolzano shares in this article how the FCHgo lessons went in her class. Find out from her personal report... Read More

FCHgo! launches international school contest on fuel cells and...

The contest “World of the future: the best FCH application” aims at raising awareness and interest in fuel cells and hydrogen technologies (FCH) among teachers, schoolchildren... Read More

Interview with Barbara Grazzini about the FCHgo award

Are you curious to find out who inspired the FCHgo award ‘World of the future: the best FCH application’ and coordinates the competition? We are pleased to introduce to you... Read More