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Inspiring materials for teaching renewable energy, hydrogen and fuel cells in class.

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Discover the energy of hydrogen

FCHgo is a European project dedicated to fostering knowledge about fuel cell and hydrogen technology by delivering an educational model for schools. The project invites pupils and their teachers alike to discover the energy of hydrogen with innovative teaching materials and along inspiring activities in classrooms and beyond.

FCHgo lands on Fiera Didacta Italia!

On Friday 11th of October, FCHgo partner InEuropa presented the international project “FCHgo! Discover the energy of hydrogen” at Fiera Didacta Italia, in Florence (Italy),... Read More

FCHgo partner InEuropa at Didacta 2019 in Florence

Our partner InEuropa will attend Didacta 2019 (http://fieradidacta.indire.it/) on 11th of October, in Fortezza da Basso (Firenze). At the fair they will present the project to a... Read More

The power of narrative in teaching: Interview with Alessandra Landini...

Alessandra Landini joined the FCHgo coordination team at the Department of Education and Humanities, of UNIMORE in May this year. Her long-standing experience in teaching and... Read More

FCHgo in class: A teacher’s insights and expectations

Polish teacher Mrs. Katarzyna Wyborska talks about her involvement in FCHgo and the project pilot phase in her school. With the development of FCHgo teaching materials being... Read More

The FCHgo co-creation approach: Pooling expertise from schools,...

The FCHgo toolkit is not only the work of a closed circle of experts. Each FCHgo partner consulted a range of stakeholders from schools, academia, extra-curricular education and... Read More

Preview on the FCHgo Educational Materials

A magic dwells in each beginning. This is especially true for the start of a new school year, which in autumn 2019 will also mark the launch of the first version of the FCHgo... Read More

Discussions about the FCHgo toolkit content were vivid

Interview with the FCHgo toolkit team

While schools are already closed or about to close for the summer break in Europe, the work on the educational materials in FCHgo is just ramping up. The goal of FCHgo is to boost... Read More

Schools sought for FCHgo toolkit trial

Schools in FCHgo partner countries Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland are invited to test and explore the FCHgo toolkit in a series of pilot lessons, starting... Read More

discover the energy of hydrogen

Get ready for the FCHgo international contest

Ready, steady, FCHgo! Are you ready to explore the world of renewable energies? Participate in the FCHgo contest and find out about Hydrogen and Fuel Cells! Don’t miss this... Read More