FCHgo award

Empowering pupils to become inventors themselves

The Europe-wide school competition launched by FCHgo calls for pupils to develop an innovative H2 project. Under the headline “World of the future: the best FCH application” the competition challenges pupils to transfer and apply their knowledge acquired within classroom for planning, designing and implementing a project of their own together with a team of 3 to 4 pupils. Teachers and mentors from FCH industries are invited to support pupils’ teams in conducting the project.

The first edition of the award will be launched in spring 2020. Annual follow-up editions are envisaged.

Who can participate?

The competition will be open for contributions from pupils aged 8 to 18, from all over Europe. Prior participation in FCHgo classroom activities is not mandatory.

Industry stakeholders are invited to support the implementation of the contest by providing advice to competing pupils and/or sponsoring the award ceremonies.

Why participate?

The best learning method is to make and create things together.
The FCHgo award is a unique opportunity for pupils to create, test and implement their own ideas with the help of teachers and industry experts.

FCHgo award ceremonies
FCHgo will celebrate the success of participating pupils together with their teachers, parents and representatives from industry, education authorities and media in national and international award ceremonies.

There will be two selection stages within the contest: First, ideas submitted at national level will be evaluated by local expert juries with finalists being awarded in national ceremonies. The final selection stage then will take place during an international event, at which pupil teams awarded in the FCHgo national competitions will pitch their project to FCHgo partners and high-level stakeholders from industry and science.

The competition officially starts in January 2020. More information on participation rules & conditions will be published soon.